RCCI International Achievement Awards (RIAA)

RCCI’s journey reflects the passion for recognizing excellence and achievement across a diverse spectrum of business. RCCI’s commitment to honor the business excellence was sparked 31 years back in 1987 and up till now; it honored millions of business executives. The awards aim to recognize and reward business excellence across all sectors, private, public and charity. RCCI Annual Achievement Awards is amongst one of the visionary steps and is now recognized as the premier business awards of the country. Since then it is held once in a year to recognize accomplishments and contributions of companies and business people across Pakistan.
In the year 2016, when the business individuals and enterprises of Pakistan were engaged in competing as a constantly bursting and globe’s one of the rapidly developing business market equipped with new and exciting business opportunities, RCCI had broaden its spectrum and organized the 29th RCCI Annual Achievement Awards in the dynamic and diverse economy of UAE. The event got international recognition and is now globally recognized as “RCCI INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS-RIAA”. Continuing the legacy, in 2017, the
event got more hype and 30th award ceremony was successfully organized in Turkey. In 2018, the 31st RCCI International Achievement Awards was held in Azerbaijan. In 2019, the 32 nd RCCI International Achievement Awards was held in Malaysia.
In each International award ceremony, more than 1000 businessmen from Pakistan attended and got recognized in the International Market. Many organizations and notable personalities were acknowledged and awarded according to their portfolio. These were evaluated according to their field of work and best of the best in a category were nominated for the award.